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7 Tips To Help You Prevent Termites In Your Frisco TX, Home

Termites don’t take vacations, which is why you must take steps to prevent termites from making your home their home this fall and winter.  Unlike humans–and even many other insects–termites don’t call in sick, hibernate or take the holidays off.  They work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and their job is eating your house.  So that means you can’t slack off at the end of the year either; you’re going to have to take some steps to keep termites out of your home.  Here are seven tips that may help:

  1. Find and fix water leaks.  Termites need moisture to survive, so when you provide them with a good source of it, they’ll thrive.  Check under interior sinks and behind the refrigerator and washing machine.  You might be surprised to learn that inside air conditioning units can leak, so be sure to check under yours periodically and make sure that the AC drain hose outside doesn’t drip water near your foundation.
  2. Eliminate standing water around your home.  If water tends to pool near your home during and after rainstorms, consider talking to a plumber about installing a French drain that will absorb the water and guide it off your property.  You should also get the help of a roofer to check your roof for low spots where water can pool and to install gutters that will keep water from falling near your foundation.
  3. Remove food sources from your yard.  Firewood stored next to your house, wood mulch in flowerbeds, dead trees and tree stumps in your yard and overgrown bushes touching the sides of your home are attracting termites to your property.  Bushes and other vegetation touching your home are especially bad because they give termites direct access to your home.
  4. Seal off access points.  Make sure big (and small) gaps around the outside of your home, including around plumbing and electrical access points and around doors and windows, are caulked or otherwise sealed to make access to your home more difficult.
  5. Use termite-resistant wood for construction.  Termite-resistant woods like redwood, cypress and cedar are good choices for decking, fences and other outdoor structures that come into contact with the ground and your home.  You can also use pressure-treated pine, as the chemicals in the wood not only repel termites, they also help the structures to last longer.
  6. Make sure your home is properly ventilated.  Airflow throughout the structure of your home prevents the buildup of the moisture that termites need to survive; you must ensure that your home, including your attic and any internal voids or crawlspaces, are properly ventilated.
  7. Put down a chemical barrier.  When you call in a termite pro to check your house for signs of a termite infestation, he can insert chemicals into the ground under and around your foundation that will form a protective barrier that is safe for humans and pests, but deadly to termites.

If you suspect you have termites in your home or you want a termite inspection and tips to help you prevent termites, call Bug Commander Pest Control in Frisco, TX, at (214) 972-2988 to find out more about the pest control services we offer.