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Blogs from August, 2014

Worker spraying
Whenever you call in home pest control Frisco TX, it is usually for the purpose of having your walls or yard inspected. You might not be aware that certain zones of your home can be sites of infestations for specific kinds of bugs. The floors of your home might be ground zero of an infestation without your knowing it. Here are a few common floor pests 1. Bed bugs Bed bugs are usually found, as their name suggests, in beds and furniture. They tend to prey on human flesh and blood, so they bite their victims when they are prone and asleep. However, it would be a mistake to assume that, if bed bugs are in your house, they are only in your furniture. Bed bugs can infest carpets and baseboards. If your home has been the site of a bed bug invasion, have your baseboards inspected and consider a treatment plan to prevent them from coming back. 2. Powderpost Beetles These beetles, and their young which are called “woodworms,” are not an uncommon pest to have inside hardwood floors. These beetles lay their eggs in unfinished wood surfaces. The larvae then bore into the wood and the adult beetles emerge through holes after having done extensive damage to the wood. While this sounds like a problem unique to freshly chopped wood, infestations can occur even in milled lumber if it is improperly stored. Call home pest control Frisco TX if you start seeing emergence holes. 3. Fleas If you have a pet in your home, chances are you have worried about fleas. If your animal has these pests living in its fur, then you can have an extensive infestation in your carpets in no time at all. Fleas can lay thousands of eggs, and they infest any cloth surface. If you see any fleas on your pet, immediately apply relief shampoos and ointments. Then you should call home pest control Frisco TX to have your home thoroughly inspected for signs of these tiny pests. A bad infestation may require extensive home cleaning. The floors of your home should be a clean zone. The thought of any insect debris or offal being under your feet is a nasty one, and you should not have to think of it. If you suspect that any insects have invaded your home, you should have your floors, carpets, and baseboards inspected by experts in home pest control Frisco TX. Call Bug Commander Pest Control today at (214) 307-1933.