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Blogs from December, 2014


Anyone who works in pest control services in Frisco TX or anywhere else in the country will tell you that ants are the number one nuisance pests in our homes.  We see them trail through our homes without seeming to be coming from anywhere or going anywhere in particular and they invade our homes all year round.  In the warmer months, they come in looking for food and water.  In the colder months, they look for warmth.  And even though they can be found in almost every room, a survey of pest professionals by the National Pest Management Association found that there are some areas in our homes that ants prefer:

  1.   In all fairness, the kitchen is almost everyone’s favorite room in the house – it’s usually the warmest and has a lot to eat and drink.  That’s exactly why you’ll find ants there, too.  Not only does your kitchen have a steady supply of water but it usually has a trash can with food remnants inside and kitchen counters that have some sort of food debris, from crumbs to sticky spills.

Even if you keep a tidy kitchen, every expert in pest control services in Frisco TX will tell you that it’s almost impossible to pick up or clean every ant food source.  You can, however, make sure that all pantry supplies are kept in tightly-closed containers.  Placing bay leaves on storage shelves can help as the pungent odor is known to repel ants.  Don’t leave overripe fruit on counters and rinse out all soda and juice bottles before discarding.  In addition, always clean up after your pets if they’re fed in the kitchen.

Bathrooms.   Like all other bugs, ants need moisture to live.  That’s why the bathroom is the other room in your home that ants flock to.  Carpenter ants are especially likely to build nests under sinks that leak and behind damp tiles.  To keep ants away, you should always make sure that your pipes aren’t leaking and that you have a way to vent excess moisture – either through a window or a vent fan.  You should also check around the base of the toilet and under the tank for drips or leaks.

Bedrooms, Living Rooms, and Basements.   Because food debris and moisture can be found anywhere in your home, you’re even likely to find ants in your bedroom, living room, basement and inside walls.  The best defense for ants is sealing the outside of your home as much as possible, including caulking holes, installing weatherstripping around doors and windows and replacing or repairing screens.  But since ants are so hard to get rid of yourself, you’ll need professional help.

For the best pest control services in Frisco TX, call Bug Commander Pest Control at (214) 307-1933.  At Bug Commander, we know how to deal with ants and every other kind of invading pest.  Visit our website to learn more about the products we use and the services we provide.