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Blogs from July, 2014

Bugs on food

Keeping your home clean enough to ward off pests seems fairly easy. You vacuum carpets and chair cushions, change bedding and keep food garbage contained but there is one place in your home that is a haven for pests for the same reason it is a haven for your family – your kitchen. Your kitchen provides warmth, food, and drink and, for pests, it also provides many great places to hide. Before you call for preventive pest control Frisco TX, try these tips to keep these kitchen invaders at bay:

Keep the area around your trash can clean. This tip seems the most logical because the trash can is where all of your food debris goes and will likely be the most attractive place for bugs to gather. Take your trash out regularly especially if you’ve put a large number of attractive plate scrapings into the bag. Sweep or vacuum around the trash can especially if you store the can in its own cubby hole or other enclosed areas. Sometimes trash can fall behind the can and attract insects.

Keep pet feeding areas clean. Pet food bowls are favorites of kitchen pests because they are usually on the floor and pets tend to make a mess when they eat. Try putting a mat or tray under your pet food bowls to make cleanup easier and always sweep up loose food.

Keep sweet, sticky foods contained. Always double-bag sugar including brown sugar and powdered sugar that is not being used. Even though these sometimes come in zip-top bags, one bag may fail and attract ants and cockroaches into your pantry. You may also want to put honey and syrup bottles into bags or sealable containers as well. These often drip and leave a sticky ring on cabinets that will attract pests.

Avoid buying in bulk. Unless you have a large family that eats food quickly, buying large amounts of food like cereal, crackers, and anything flour-based like cake mixes and pancake mixes is asking for trouble. Many pests can find the smallest opening in food containers (or make openings themselves). Boxes or bags that are shoved to the back of your pantry shelf and forgotten about are crying out to be bug food.

Use your freezer for storage. Freezers can be used for more than just storing TV dinners and bags of vegetables. Your freezer is an excellent storage space for excess, bagged food that you would normally keep in your pantry like flour and sugar. Freezer storage does not damage the food and pests will never make a home in your freezer no matter how much tasty food you store there.

Preventive pest control Frisco TX starts with you. But often, no matter what you do, pests will invade your kitchen. When that happens, call us at Bug Commander Pest Control at (214) 307-1933. We not only offer preventive pest control Frisco TX, but we also offer pest control for those stubborn ants, roaches, flies, and moths that have already made a home in your kitchen. Visit our website at today to see what we can do for you.