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Blogs from July, 2014


Summer in North Texas means swarms of stinging insects.  Fire ants, wasps, bees and yellow jackets are most active in the late spring through early fall and can wreak havoc on your outdoor, summer fun.  The insect repellents you have in your home are largely ineffective against these stinging bugs.  Fire ant bait is only a temporary solution; even when you manage to kill ants in one mound, the survivors simply relocate and build a new mound.  As for flying, stinging bugs, they are normally too numerous for a frontal attack with bug spray to do anything more than making them mad.  For these stinging insects, you need preventive pest control Frisco TX.  So, how can you prevent close encounters of the stinging kind?

  • Avoid insects when possible.  If you’re in a public place and stinging insects are swarming, leave.  Since there’s nothing you can do about them anyway, it’s best to take yourself and your family out of the area.  Many people have allergic reactions to insect stings which means their bites will be itchier and longer-lasting than those without allergies.  Sometimes, severe allergic reactions can occur that can be life-threatening.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.  If you see more than one flying insect buzzing around a structure, check to see if they follow each other into the same opening in the structure.  If they do, chances are, they’ve built a nest or hive inside.  Bees forage in white clover so avoid walking barefoot through patches of clover.  Fire ants make obvious mounds.  Check the ground, especially after rain, to see where and how many mounds are in your yard before sending children out to play.
  • Clean up messes.  Empty and wash out your garbage cans regularly and make sure the lids fit tightly.  If you’re on a picnic or at the beach, keep food messes contained and cover open containers of food.  Don’t drink from open beverage containers as bees and wasps can crawl inside when you’re not looking.
  • Dress properly.  Part of preventive pest control Frisco TX is wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants when you have a fire ant infestation or an active hive or nest near your home.  Don’t wear sandals or walk barefoot until you can bring in professional help.  To keep bees and wasps from being attracted to your body, avoid wearing bright-colored clothing, sweet-smelling perfumes or colognes, and hairspray.

●  Carry medications.  If you know you’re allergic to the stings of certain insects, always carry your emergency medication – even in areas with no known hives, mounds or nests.  In general, you should keep ibuprofen for the pain of a sting and an antihistamine for itching with you.

No matter where you live in the Frisco area, you should think about preventive pest control Frisco TX when the summer rolls around.  Always keep a close eye on pets and children because they are most vulnerable to the attacks of stinging insects.  When you have a fire ant infestation or an active hive or nest of bees or wasps, call for professional help from Bug Commander in Frisco at (214) 307-1933  to see all the pest prevention services we offer.