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Blogs from November, 2014

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Subterranean termites play a vital role in the ecosystem by breaking down cellulose in plants and trees and turning it into usable nutrients, which are then recycled into the soil as humus.  And if termites went about their work in a field or a forest, we would stand in awe of their efficiency and we would treasure the rich, fruitful earth they make.  But the reality is that termites are in our homes and the cellulose they are breaking down is in the wood that makes up the buildings we live in.  Your pest control expert in Frisco TX will tell you that they are one of the most destructive wood-destroying insects in the United States.  Every year, millions of dollars in damage is done to Texas homes and billions of dollars in damage is done to homes across the United States.

Termites are not only efficient consumers of cellulose, but they’re also efficient finders of cellulose.  Basically, they tunnel continuously in various directions until they find something that clues them into the potential presence of cellulose like tree roots, moisture or the odor of certain wood-decaying fungi.  Once they find something edible, they return to the colony, laying down a chemical trail for other termites to follow.  If the trail leads to your home, they access your structure by building mud tubes from the ground up the side of your foundation (or in cracks in the foundation) and into your home.  Termites are soft-bodied and extremely sensitive to dehydration so the mud tubes are a necessary covering for them.  Once inside, they can eat away at the structure of your home for many years before any damage is noticeable.

Although you may be able to spot the mud tubes, it usually takes a pest control expert in Frisco TX to find all the signs of an infestation and damage.  In addition to mud tubes, a few of the things a termite expert will look for are piles of wings from the swarmers that leave the colony to mate, wood that sounds hollow when tapped, distortions, cracks and bubbling on painted wood surfaces. A thorough termite inspection is extremely involved and includes a check of all areas of the outside and inside of your home. Not only will the inspector recommend any treatment you need but he’ll also give you prevention pointers.

The odds are that you will have a termite infestation at some point in the life of your Texas home. There is no part of the state that is safe.  And because of the insidious nature of termites, you won’t even know it until your home has suffered structural damage.  Other than preventative measures that can delay or mitigate the problem, your best option is to have a pest control professional in Frisco TX inspect your property to find out if you already have termites and how to treat them.  If you don’t have termites yet, he can determine the right measures to take to prevent them from coming into your home. Bug Commander Pest Control is the termite control expert in the Frisco area.  
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