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Blogs from October, 2014

No Bug Sign

Fall is here and winter is coming. The days of blazing heat are over in North Texas and even though hot, dry weather is a boon to a lot of the pests, you should keep your local pest exterminator in Frisco, TX on your speed dial for cold, rainy weather, too.  Pests of all kinds want to be in your house when temperatures drop – raccoons and rodents will damage walls and wiring in their quest to find a warm place to bed down and carpenter ants and termites won’t let cold weather deter them from eating the wooden structure of your home.  No matter how much we try to keep bugs and other pests out of our homes, they try that much harder to stay inside with us when winter weather kicks in.

Keeping bugs and rodents outside is a matter of being vigilant with your home maintenance.  Before the truly miserable weather starts, walk around the outside of your house and check for access points like cracks, gaps, and holes.  Seal access points including those around pipes and utilities that lead into your home with weather-proof caulk. Continue sealing your home by putting new weather stripping around outside doors and putting caulk or expandable foam around window frames.  If you have window screens or screen doors, patch or replace torn screens.

Like us, pests need moisture to live so repair any leaks in your home’s plumbing.  Your pest exterminator in Frisco, TX will tell you that cockroaches, termites and carpenter ants are especially attracted to moisture.  Make sure that bushes and trees are trimmed to keep them from touching your house.  Squirrels, spiders, and raccoons can use tree branches to climb onto your roof and then enter your home through your chimney or your attic through vents. Your chimney and the vents that lead to your attic can be covered with mesh to make it more difficult for pests to enter.

Proper storage of food and supplies is important to reducing the number of unwanted visitors you have inside your home in the fall and winter.  Keep food in your pantry in airtight containers to thwart cockroaches and ants.  Keep outside trash cans covered to keep out rodents and raccoons.  Store firewood away from the foundation of your home to keep termites from, not only eating the firewood but using it to more easily access the wooden structure of your home.  If you use your attic for storage, clean it up to remove nesting places for rats, mice, raccoons, and squirrels.

Even when you take all the steps you’re supposed to, some insects and critters will get into your home.  When you’ve done all that you can do but you still need help, call the best pest exterminator in Frisco, TX, Bug Commander Pest Control at (214) 307-1933. Or visit us online to find out more about Texas pests and to schedule an inspection.  We can help you to eliminate your winter pest problems.