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Blogs from April, 2015


Spring is in the air, which means many people are cleaning out their houses and getting rid of excess. Minimalists and borderline hoarders alike take this time of year to clean things out and get rid of what they don’t need. Once you are done emptying those leftover boxes from your last move or dusting your fireplace, be sure to call your favorite expert termite pest control in Frisco TX.

As you are moving stuff out of your house, termites may be moving their way into it. Springtime is one of their favorites times, too. Termites take over backyard trees, wood or mulch piles. Keeping an eye on the outside of your house is important, as they usually start there. It doesn’t take long for them to move from trees and bushes to door frames and window panes.

Avoiding Termites

Move Your Wood Pile:  If you have been keeping a pile of logs inside to use in your fireplace during the winter, it may be time to move them outside. But if you want to avoid termites, keep your wood pile away from your house. The further, the better. Many experts suggest moving wood piles to the edges of the property away from the house or trees.

Check Your Home Regularly:  Getting rid of termites is easiest if you catch them early on. Look for small piles of sawdust around your home’s foundation or trees. You may notice small holes in your door frames or along outside window sills. If you don’t know what to look for, hire a pest control expert to come check out your house occasionally.

Calling Experts

Spring is the perfect time to pay for termite pest control in Frisco TX. And there are plenty of reasons why:

  • You can eliminate the termites before there are too many of them.
  • Experts know what chemicals or treatments to use.
  • You don’t have to deal with the bugs yourself!
  • Pay now and save your summer money.
  • You may be able to find spring discounts.

If you are worried about your kids or pets being affected by the traditional chemical sprays, some companies offer “green” safer products. Not every company does this, but many do. In many cases, safer products aren’t quite as effective, so your home may need a few extra treatments. But in other cases, these products are just as effective as traditional pest control products.

If you need pest control services in the Frisco area, call Bug Commander at (214) 307-1933 today! You won’t find any better termite pest control in Frisco TX.