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Blogs from August, 2015

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Termite pest control in Frisco, TX is serious business.  Termites are one of the most destructive pests in Texas and in every state in the United States, except Alaska.  They do billions of dollars of damage to homes, businesses and other structures every year so controlling them should be a priority for anyone who lives in a home built with any amount of wood.  And while controlling termites once you’ve got them is important, even more, important is making your home as unattractive and impenetrable to them as possible.

The National Pest Management Association offers some tips for postponing, and possibly even preventing, a termite infestation:

  1. Reduce moisture in and around your home.  Keep water inside your home contained in the pipes. Check for leaks under and around sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers regularly.  Outside your home, make sure you have a plumber repair any leaking spigots, divert water runoff with gutters and downspouts and make sure the condensation from your air conditioner is directed away from the foundation of your home.
  1. Keep wood and debris away from the foundation of your home.  Store firewood at least 20 yards away from your home.  Don’t plant shrubs or spread wood mulch next to your home and never stack debris or allow it to collect near the foundation of the structure.  Always maintain a gap of at least 18 inches between the wood parts of your home and the soil.
  1. Don’t attach any wooden structures directly to your home.  If you build a deck, pergola, shed or any other addition made of wood next to your home, make sure that the wood of that addition doesn’t contact your home directly.  If you must attach something made of wood to your home, always attach it with metal plates to avoid direct wood-to-wood contact.
  1. Get your home inspected.  Have a specialist in termite pest control in Frisco, TX inspect your home yearly, not just to check for signs of a termite infestation, but also to give you valuable tips and information you need to help keep termites away.

Whether you have an older home or a brand new one, it is vulnerable to a termite infestation.  But if you do your part by taking some fairly easy steps to make it harder for termites to set up housekeeping inside your house, you’ll be able to prevent or mitigate the problem.  To get the best help with termite pest control in Frisco, TX, call us at Bug Commander Pest Control at (214) 307-1933 to make an appointment for an inspection.  And to find out the other services we offer, visit our website.