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Blogs from December, 2015

Dead Bug

There are always bugs of some kind in and around our North Texas homes, and while some don’t require the help of a professional pest control service Frisco TX, many others do.  Here are 5 home pests that you won’t be able to defeat yourself:

Termite Pest Control Frisco TX

Termites are number one on any list of insidious insects that can’t be controlled by the average homeowner.  By the time you know you have a termite problem, you’ve probably got one or two sizable colonies of them living inside, and munching on, your home.  They live in hard-to-reach areas, namely behind walls, that are difficult to get to without specialized equipment and they don’t respond to many “over-the-counter” pesticides.

Pest Control Service Frisco TX: Fleas  

Pick up the phone and call for some professional pest control Frisco TX as soon as you realize you have a flea infestation.  A few fleas on your dog or cat can turn into thousands overnight, because flea eggs drop onto furniture and into carpeting every time your pet moves.  Because of fleas’ size and rapid rate of multiplication, only a professional can attack the infestation on multiple fronts.

Professional Pest Control Services Frisco TX: Ants  

Ants are sneaky.  They just appear, and even when you trace a line of them, it seems to go nowhere and come from nowhere.  If you’re lucky enough to see just one lone ant, you can be sure that he’s laid down a pheromone trail to any food source he’s found in your home to show his ant friends exactly where to go.

Professional Pest Control Frisco TX: Bed Bugs  

Bed bugs bite us in our sleep and then hide during the day.  They have small, flat bodies that can be concealed in the seams of a mattress or a backpack, which is why they travel from place to place so easily without being spotted.  So the chances are that if you have bed bugs in one room of your home, you’ll have them in every room with a viable food source, which for them is blood.  Only a professional pest control service has the chemicals and know-how to rid your home of them.

Pest Control Company Frisco TX: Cockroaches  

Cockroaches have always been and they will always be and, for the most part, they laugh at your puny attempts to rid your home of them.  The best you can do is keep your house (especially your kitchen) as clean as possible to eliminate food sources and call an exterminator to get rid of the hundreds of roaches living inside your walls.

Call the Best Pest Control Specialists

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