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Blogs from December, 2015


From replacing a leaky faucet to mowing the lawn, maintaining your home can be overwhelming, but our pest control experts can ease the stress of homeownership. Termites wreak havoc on your home’s structure, appeal, and value, but most homeowners are not familiar with the danger of these common pests. Using this guide, you will understand the danger of termites and learn the best techniques for effective pest control.

Professional Pest Control Frisco TX: Possible Dangers of Termites

Surprisingly, a termite infestation can happen on non-wooden areas in and around your home. If you notice the following visible signs in or outside your  home, as well as on nearby structures, you may have a termite infestation:

  • Chipping Paint – Cracked, chipping paint on your home’s interior or exterior may be a sign of an infestation.

  • Hollow Wood – If a wood surface sounds or appears hollowed out, termites may have made it their home.

  • Softer Wood – Wood that feels softened and weak is a common sign of a termite problem.

  • Visible Tubes – Inspect the ground around your home, as well. Termites create these tubes out of soil, saliva, and fecal matter to transport their food.

  • Frass – Termites will leave behind their fecal matter, or frass. Frass looks similar to small pellets.

Prevention with Termite Pest Control Frisco TX

Treating a termite infestation can be a long, tedious process, so preventing these pests from affecting your home is imperative. Since termites, and other pests, are attracted to moisture, remove any sources of standing water from around your home. Empty gardening containers and pots, toys, and buckets. Also, inspect your outdoor spigots and irrigation system for leaks. Repair if necessary. Lastly, be sure your landscaping is always trimmed since moisture builds up on overgrown grass, shrubs, and flowers.

Pest Control Company Frisco TX: Treating a Termite Infestation

If you are dealing with an infestation, contact professionals immediately. Termites cause an estimated $5 billion in property damage each year, so effective and efficient treatment of your home is vital. Fortunately, multiple treatment options are available. From an application of specialized pesticide to a less invasive bait treatment, you can choose an option suited to your specific needs and budget.  After treatment, professionals can work with you on preventing a future infestation of termites and other pests.

Call the Experts for Termite Pest Control Frisco TX

Dealing with a pest infestation can be physically, emotionally, and financially traumatizing. However, professional help is readily available. For effective termite pest control Frisco TX, contact Bug Commander at (214) 307-1933.