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Blogs from July, 2015

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Choosing the right pest control in Frisco TX is essential to keeping your home vermin free. These insects are damaging both to human beings and to their property. When left to breed, these pests can harm everything from people to food, to structures, to landscaping. Different kinds of pests cause different kinds of damage and must be dealt with in tailored ways to make sure that the different species are dealt with in their own particular way.  Some of the different varieties of pests include:

Household Pests

This variety of insect includes species like ants, cockroaches, flies, and wasps. Each of these varieties is known for getting into the four walls of a home. While they are there these insects typically consume human food, rendering inedible for the humans living there.

Skin Irritants

These insects also get inside the house, but rather than consume human food, they cause physical problems for the residents. Lice, fleas, and bed bugs all cause these kinds of irritation.

Disease Carriers

Mosquitoes, tsetse flies, and kissing bugs are all known for their ability to carry disease. Of course, they are also capable of causing skin irritation, but they present more health risks than just irritation and need to be dealt with through pest control in Frisco TX.

Structural Damage

There are also pest problems that damage the house itself rather than the people living in it. Pests like termites, woodworms, and wood ants eat through wooden structures in both the house and the yard. The damage to the structures is permanent and can lead to expensive repairs.

Yard Damage

Insects like aphids, larvae, grasshoppers, and crickets all eat plants in the yard. These insects don’t damage humans or structures, but they can cause expensive damage to landscaping.

Each of these insects causes different problems, to the people living in the home, to the house itself, and to the plants in the yard. Dealing with each of these insects can be difficult, but it is necessary to keep your home safe. Pest control in Frisco TX needs to be tailored to deal with the specific kinds of bugs that are causing your problems, and to suit the kinds of insects that might potentially cause you problems in the future. Bug Commander has extensive experience in dealing with pests. This will allow them to handle both current pest problems, and deal with other insect problems that might crop up in the future.