Termite Pest Control Frisco TX: Termite-Resistant Construction Materials

Deck with Table and Chairs

The best termite pest control in Frisco TX is prevention.  One of the most important steps you can take is to have your home and property treated by us at Bug Commander Pest Control to prevent termite infestation.  But another important step is to do all that you can to keep your home from looking attractive to termites.  You can do that by making sure that all wood and other cellulose-based debris, like firewood, brush and construction waste, is kept as far away from your home as possible as these act as conduits for the termites to enter your home.

One way to keep the wood around the outside of your home from attracting termites is to choose the right kind of wood when you’re building a deck, a privacy fence, a shed, a gazebo or any other structure that will be attached – or very close – to your home.  According to the National Pesticide Information Center and the University of Nebraska, you have several choices when it comes to construction materials:

  Pressure-treated lumber.   This familiar, green-tinted wood was widely available from the 1970s through the early 2000s when it was taken off the market for containing Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA), a known carcinogen.  Though this wood was no longer available for residential use after 2004, millions of decks, playsets, and other structures are still standing around American – and North Texas – homes.  The wood preservative forced deep into the pores makes it highly resistant to termites and rot so if your deck is made of this wood and it’s still in good shape, you should leave it in place to avoid termite structural damage.

  Non-arsenic pressure-treated lumber.   Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ) and Copper Boron Azole (CBA) are two types of lumber that do not contain arsenic but that have termite- and rot-resistance similar to CCA pressure-treated lumber.  Both are available commercially and are recommended for permanent wood foundations, framing, trim and fascia, flooring, decking, gazebos and fencing for maximum termite pest control in Frisco TX.

  Naturally-resistant wood.   Redwood, cypress, and cedar are woods that are naturally resistant to termites; however, they don’t last as long as treated lumber.  To get the best termite resistance, it’s recommended to use only heartwood where the compounds that repel termites are concentrated.

  Plastic and composite materials.   Lumber-type products made from plastic fall into two categories – 100% plastic and a composite made from recycled plastic and waste-wood fiber like sawdust.  Neither material needs maintenance or sealing.  In addition, neither will rot, warp or chip.  Both are impervious to insects, including termites, making them ideal for building structures around your home.

Because more than 90% of all termite infestations start with soil to wood contact, choosing resistant lumber products is a great way to get termite pest control in Frisco TX and to prevent damage to porches, decks and other wooden structures that come into contact with your home.  To learn more about preventing termite infestations, call us at Bug Commander Pest Control in Frisco TX at (214) 307-1933

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