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Blogs from March, 2015


The thought that the termite season is coming and that your house might be on the menu is pretty frightening. Fortunately (or unfortunately), termite season is really all year round so though you may think your house is only in danger of being eaten in the spring and summer, it’s really in danger all the time.  Experts in termite pest control in Frisco TX will tell you that the idea that there’s a ‘termite season’ is one of the many myths about termites that they hear every day.  What are some of the other ‘facts’ they encounter?

Myth:  Termites won’t attack if a home is brick all around.

Fact:    Termites are pretty determined eaters and will build mud tubes to bypass the brick surround on a house to get to the wooden structure underneath.

Myth:  Termites only eat wood.

Fact:    Termites eat wood but they also eat other forms of cellulose like plants and fungi.  To break the cellulose down in their stomachs, they also eat each other’s droppings.

Myth:  Termites can completely consume an average-sized house in two weeks.

Fact:    Even the most aggressive termites would take several months under ideal conditions to completely destroy a home.

Myth:  Homes only need to be treated for termites once every 20 years.

Fact:    No termite treatment lasts 20 years.  Depending on environmental conditions and the quality of the work that was done, treatment for termite pest control in Frisco TX may need to be redone once a year or once every 3 to 5 years.

Myth:  Termites won’t attack a home if there are other food sources nearby like decaying wood or mulch.

Fact:    While decaying wood is easier to chew, termites are continually seeking new sources of food to sustain the colony and they will find and consume the wood in a house.

Myth:  Pouring used motor oil into holes in the ground around a home will keep termites away.

Fact:    This is a very old and ineffective treatment akin to feeding a dog gunpowder to get rid of worms. Not only does used motor oil in the ground not keep termites away, but it is also hazardous to soil and groundwater and could net the person who uses it a hefty fine.

Myth:  Termites are only found in the southern United States.

Fact:    Termites are found in 49 states. Only Alaska is exempt from termite infestations.

If your home has never been treated for termites or you’re not sure that the treatment you got was effective, call the best company for termite pest control in Frisco TX, Bug Commander Pest Control, at (214) 307-1933.  You can also visit our website to get the facts about termites and other pests.