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Blogs from May, 2015

Dead Bug

Spring is here and summer is coming. Everywhere in the country, that means bugs, bugs, bugs.  And though we’ve gotten used to living with – and avoiding – most kinds of insects, there are still some we really need pest control in Frisco TX for.  Pests that sting, bite or make our homes generally unsanitary are the ones we need the most help with like:

Ants.   Ants are tiny and can seem harmless, even when you’re watching a line of them marching across your windowsill.  But there are so many species of ants, each forming a different kind of threat that it’s best to get professional pest control in Frisco TX when you see them. Common house ants can make nests inside your walls that can contain up to 10,000 ants and multiple queens.  Pharaoh or sugar ants will invade your home seeking out sweet food debris.  They are carriers of over a dozen pathogens, including salmonella, that are a health threat to humans.  Fire ants, the bane of every Texans’ existence, can swarm and sting anyone or anything that disturbs their mounds.  In addition, they can make mounds inside electrical equipment and inside walls where they can chew through electrical wires creating a very real fire hazard.

Cockroaches.   Nothing can make a homeowner feel he’s living in filth faster than the sight of even one cockroach. They breed very quickly in secluded areas of your home, which means you may not even know you have a very large colony until you turn on the kitchen lights and they scurry away.  While cockroaches aren’t inherently ‘dirtier’ than any other bug, they are capable of transmitting bacteria like salmonella and staphylococcus to humans. In addition, a great many people are allergic to cockroaches.  Which means that if you are allergic and you have a large number of roaches in your home, you could suffer from severe allergic symptoms ranging from irritating diarrhea to life-threatening asthma.

Spiders.   Spiders normally avoid contact with humans. Unfortunately, they breed and live in dark corners of closets, attics, and garages where unsuspecting humans can find them.  At best, an encounter with a spider that results in a bite can trigger an allergic reaction.  At worst, some species of spiders can bite and transmit venom that can result in tissue necrosis and even death.

Before you have a close encounter with a pest, call the experts at Bug Commander Pest Control in Frisco TX at (214) 307-1933. You can also visit our website today.