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Blogs from November, 2015


There is a good chance you never thought about termites until you needed termite pest control in Frisco, TX. Called the “silent destroyers,” termites can tear through homes in a short amount of time by chewing through wood and other materials that are used to construct them. One of the biggest problems with the tiny insects is that they can infest a home so stealthily that homeowners often don’t know they have them until extensive damage has already been done.

Believe it or not, termites possess a variety of characteristics that not only make them quite interesting, but they also give us a clue as to how termites are able to destroy homes so effectively and how we can fight back.

They Speak Through Chemicals

Termites communicate with each other through pheromones, which are special chemical scents. By using special glands on their chests, termites leave scent trails to guide other workers. Each colony contains its own distinct scent, which is determined by a chemical located on their cuticles.

They Have Warning Signals

Termite colonies are designed to protect. Termite soldiers, one of the many varieties of termites, alert others in the colony of danger by banging their heads on the floor beneath them. This creates vibration signals and alerts others in the colony that a threat is present.

Some Termites Can Fly

Termites are not only a force to be reckoned with on foot, but some also take to the sky. New reproductive termites, called alates, have wings and know how to use them. Often in large swarms, these kings and queens will leave the colony in search of new mates. Once they’ve found their partners, they shed their wings and set up shop.

Termites are Beneficial

Yes, you read that right: termites are beneficial to the environment, just not to your home when they cause the need for termite pest control in Frisco, TX. They are actually vital to the health of our forests. When in the woods, they break down plant fibers, which helps recycle dead and decaying trees into the ground. They also aerate the soil, thus improving it, by tunneling through the ground.

Termites are Usually Blind

These skilled decomposers don’t require sight in order to get their jobs done. Worker and soldier termites are almost always blind. Since their nests are dark and damp, they just don’t need to see. Reproductive termites are typically the only species that have eyes.

Contact Bug Commander for Termite Pest Control in Frisco, TX

Termites are not something you can take lightly. In just a short period of time, termites can create catastrophic damage to your home that may be irreversible; don’t let this happen to you. Bug Commander provides termite pest control in Frisco, TX, and can help you with your termite problem. Contact us today by calling (214) 307-1933 and allow us to alleviate your termite problem.