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Blogs from September, 2015

Do you think you need termite pest control in Frisco TX? Here are some tips to help you decide.
If you find winged termites in your home at any time, you most likely have an infestation. However, because termites so closely resemble ants, and because the two species swarm during the same time of year, being able to tell the difference is important. Termite wings are uniform in size, while ants have one larger pair and one smaller pair. Also, termites’ antennae are straight, while the antennae of ants bend in the center. Lastly, ants have a narrow ‘waist,’ but termite waists are much broader.
Once you are sure that what you have discovered is indeed a termite, the next step is to determine where the insects are coming from. Termites found out in your yard, in tree stumps or elsewhere, do not necessarily warrant a great deal of worry. However, if you discover winged termites appearing around the foundation of your home, your porch, or inside the house, it may be time to search for pest control services in Frisco TX.
Another reliable sign of termite infestation is the discovery of mud tubes, which termites may construct along foundations, sill plates, or elsewhere. These tubes will be composed of dry earth, and will ordinarily be about the diameter of a pencil. In effect, the mud tubes are tunnels that the termites use to move back and forth between an underground colony and your home. If you do discover such tunnels, break them open to see if they contain small, off-white worker termites. Even if the tunnels are empty, you will want to contact a pest exterminator in Frisco TX immediately. The tunnel may be abandoned, but your home may still be infested.
You can also search for termite damaged wood in or around your home. Termites are elusive, however, and may do serious damage to wood for years without leaving any signs on the surface. If you do find damaged wood and you suspect termites, look for hollow streaks along the grain of the wood. Termites will also leave behind what looks like dried soil along the spaces they have hollowed out.
These are sure signs of possible termite infestation and warrant the assistance of a pest control service in Frisco TX. The treatment of termite infestations requires very specific skills and equipment and can be rather difficult, so treating an infestation yourself is not recommended. Your home is your most important possession, so remain on the lookout for termites, and never hesitate to contact a professional. The associates at Bug Commander can help solve all your termite problems. Call us at (214) 307-1933 for more information!