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Blogs from February, 2016


Bug Commander Pest Control Frisco TX wants to help protect you and your family from the potential health problems associated with mosquitoes. There are several dangerous virus strains that are spread through mosquitoes, including West Nile and Zika. You can reduce the chances of your family becoming sick from West Nile or Zika by protecting them from mosquito bites. These tips will give you the information you need to protect your family from mosquito bites while they are outdoors.

Pest Control Frisco TX Mosquito Protection:

Keep Covered

To protect yourself from mosquito bites, wear light-colored, thick fabrics. Cover your entire body by wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Try to stay indoors from early evening to morning. Mosquitoes are very active during this time and the chances of getting bitten are greater.

Remove Breeding Grounds

Get rid of possible mosquito breeding grounds near your house. Areas of standing water that have been around for a week or more should be emptied or filled.

Apply Deet Insect Repellent

If necessary, apply an insect repellent product. Typically this type of spray should be used in the evening and night time if you plan to be outside. It is also recommended if you are going to be in a swampy or wooded area for any length of time. Insect repellent containing 5 to 30 percent DEET is the most effective. Be sure to choose a DEET product that is suited for the age of the person using it and time being spent outside. This information will be available on the product label. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and to apply the product properly.

Reconsider Citronella

Citronella candles and coils are not totally effective in protecting you and your family from mosquito bites. They are best used when there is little to no breeze that could scatter the product ingredients and reduce its potency.

Place Ultrasonic Devices Carefully

There is not enough evidence to support the effectiveness of ultrasonic devices in mosquito bite prevention. These devices typically attract mosquitoes in order to destroy them. The devices should be placed in a spot away from where you intend to spend time with your family.

At Bug Commander Pest Control Frisco TX, we are committed to the health of your family and to the environment. We insist on using the Integrated Pest Management system. We evaluate, identify, apply, reassess and continue managing your pest control problems. This system ensures that you and your family get the best solution for your problem without any unnecessary chemical products. For all of your home pest control needs, contact Bug Commander today at (214) 307-1933.