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Blogs from January, 2016

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As experts in termite pest control Frisco TX, we know quite a bit about the termite – that bane of the American homeowner – including the fact that there’s no such thing as “termite season” because termites are hard at work year-round, eating and potentially destroying wooden structures across the United States.  We also know that home remedies never work and that it takes a professional pest control company to handle a termite infestation.  Generally, we find that most people know very little about termites except that they resemble ants and are voracious eaters, so we’ve compiled some termite facts that are important to know:

  • Termite Pest Control Frisco TX:  Termites Serve A Purpose

Like most insects that seem designed merely to annoy humans, termites do serve a purpose in nature.  They break down wood and other cellulose-containing plant material into components that are tiny enough to be reabsorbed into the soil.  Termites that are mostly ground-dwelling help aerate the soil by tunneling through it.  Without the help of termites, humans would be neck-deep in dead grass and trees.

  • Pest Control Service Frisco TX:  There Are Different Types Of Termites

Because Texas has a number of different environments, it is home to a number of different types of termites, including damp wood, drywood, and subterranean termites.  Dampwood termites usually inhabit forested areas and require wood with a high moisture content.  Drywood termites prefer drier wood and are less plentiful in North Texas, tending to be more of a problem in coastal areas.  Subterranean termites are the most common types of termites found in Texas and cause the most property damage.  Formosan subterranean termites are the most aggressive and destructive timber pests in the United States.

  • Professional Pest Control Frisco TX:  Termites Leave Evidence Of Their Presence

Though they do most of their damaging work quietly behind the walls, termites tend to leave plenty of evidence of their presence for homeowners to find.  Homeowners who pay attention can spot pencil-thin mud tubes that run from the ground up the foundation of their structures.  They can also spot spring swarms of reproductive termites looking for mates or holes in sheetrock or even small piles of frass, which are the droppings of drywood termites.

  •  Termite Prevention Frisco TX Is The Key To Mitigating Termite Damage

Anyone purchasing a newly-constructed home should pay to have the home and surrounding area pre-treated for termites.  To keep any home from being an easy target for termites, it’s important to make sure that:

  • shrubs and trees are kept away from the foundation of the home

  • mulch levels around the home are kept several inches below the level of the wood siding

  • lumber, firewood or any paper debris isn’t stored against the foundation

  • no wooden structures like trellises or decks are attached to the home

  • basements and crawlspaces are kept as dry as possible

  • there are no water leaks inside or around the foundation of the home

To find out more about termites and termite pest control Frisco TX, call us at Bug Commander Pest Control at (214) 307-1933. We can inspect your home for signs of a termite infestation and effectively treat any termites we find.