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Blogs from June, 2016

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From termites and spiders to roaches and fleas, using professional pest control services will ensure your home and family is protected from numerous types of bugs and wildlife. While surprising to hear, your home may also be affected by centipedes that require removal. Using this guide, you will understand the dangers of centipedes and learn how the professionals can remove them from your home.

What Is a House Centipede?

Most homeowners believe centipedes will have 100 legs. However, that is actually not the case, since certain species of house centipedes can have more legs. The size and color of centipedes will also vary according to the species and their age. These insects can also move quickly across surfaces in your home, making them difficult to see and catch.

Centipedes have a poison that can kill other insects when bitten. Unfortunately, they can also bite you, your family members, and pets, so removing them from your home is imperative. A bite will feel similar to a bee sting, which can cause discomfort, but the bite can also lead to a dangerous reaction if you are allergic.

Professional Pest Control of Centipedes in Frisco TX

An insecticide will be applied to the home’s perimeter to rid your space of centipedes. Also, cracks and crevices in your home’s foundation will be treated using the chemical insecticide.

After treating your home for centipedes, maintaining your home to prevent future issues is essential. To get started on preventing centipedes and other pests, focus on your home’s crawl spaces and moisture content.

Insects are attracted to moisture, so if your crawl spaces, basement, or foundation have a higher moisture content, you will most likely have an issue with pests. Consider installing a vapor barrier in any and all of your crawl spaces. Or, invest in a complete capsulation of these areas.

Use sealant and caulk to fill any cracks in your foundation, as well. This will prevent centipedes and other pests from entering your home. Of course, sealing these cracks will also reduce the moisture content under your house.

Cleaning up around your home is also wise for reducing moisture. Remove any unused pots, planters, and toys that can hold water. Lastly, keep the landscaping around your home neat and trim to reduce the risk of moisture that can attract centipedes and other pests.

Centipedes have an unappealing look that can frighten you and your family, but these pests can also damage your home and health. With the help of Bug Commander at (214) 307-1933 in Frisco TX, the professional pest control team can rid your home of centipedes and other pests.