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Blogs from May, 2016

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Because Texas is home to hundreds of species of flying, stinging and crawling bugs, DIY pest control is probably on your mind a lot of the time. Professional pest control Frisco TX, however, is the solution that you should be thinking about.  At Bug Commander Pest Control, we’ve seen many homeowners try and fail when it comes to getting rid of the bugs that are bugging them because they usually end up calling us for help.  If you’re one of those people who’s fighting an uphill battle against termites, fleas, flies, roaches, bees, ants and more, here are the reasons you should call a pro:

Pest Control Services Frisco TX:  Pros Are Familiar With Your Pests

The first step in any kind of pest control is identifying the kind of bug or insect you’re dealing with.  As a homeowner, you may not know the difference between a termite and a carpenter ant or between a wolf spider and a brown recluse; but a professional pest control expert does know the difference.  Years of training and experience allows professionals to quickly identify insects and spiders so that a treatment plan can be devised to eradicate them.

Pest Control Service Frisco TX:  Pros Have The Right Products To Treat Your Problem

When you attempt to deal with a pest problem yourself, you usually end up at your local, big-box hardware store, scratching your head in the pesticide aisle.  And the employee who wants to help you find the right product just helped someone pick out a faucet or find the right size nails.  With professional pest control companies, their only job is controlling pests inside and outside your home and they have the right products to do the job.  The best pros are also able to give you the option of standard chemical treatments or organic treatments that are safe for humans and better for the environment.

Professional Pest Control Frisco TX:  The Pros Can Help You Prevent Infestations

Professional exterminators don’t just get rid of pests in and around your home, they can also offer you a wealth of information and advice about keeping them from becoming a problem in the first place.  There are many ways to prevent certain types of insect infestations by not making your home a prime target for them and a professional pest controller can inspect your home to show you how you may be doing that.

If you have a pest problem, stop worrying and get professional pest control Frisco TX from us at Bug Commander Pest Control. Call (214) 307-1933  to schedule an inspection or to learn more about the pests we control and the products we use.