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Blogs from May, 2016

Termite Word Cloud

Do you want to remove termites Frisco TX?  Do you know if you actually have termites?  Do you know who to call for help?  If you’re a homeowner, you probably have a lot of questions about termites and termite control.  Here are the answers to some common questions that can help you to learn more about termites and what you should do about them:

1 – Termite Treatment Frisco TX:  Should I Panic If I Think I Have Termites In My Home?

If you suspect you have termites, there’s no reason to panic because, though termites are very destructive, they also work very slowly.  If your house has never been treated for termites, call a good pest control company and have one of their inspectors go over the inside and outside of your home to check for signs of an infestation.  If an inspector finds evidence of termites, there are treatments available.

2 – Prevent Termites Frisco TX:  Don’t Termites Just Attack Old, Abandoned Structures?

Any building made wholly or in part of the wood is vulnerable to a termite attack.  In fact, termites can be found in newly-constructed buildings as soon as four days after they’re completed.  If you’re having a home built or have just purchased a newly-constructed home, you can have your pest control company establish a chemical barrier that can help to prevent an infestation.

3 – Remove Termites Frisco TX:  Are Termites Really That Big A Problem?

Nationwide, termites cause billions of dollars in damage every year – more than all the yearly tornadoes, hurricanes, and fires combined.  The biggest problem with termites isn’t that they do damage to wood structures, it’s that they do it quietly and over time.  A termite colony can feed on a home for 10 to 15 years before any structural damage is noticeable and when it’s too late to prevent expensive repairs.

4 – Termite Treatment Frisco TX:  How Many Types Of Termites Are There?

Around the world, there are over 2,000 species of termites; but only 55 live in the U.S.  The only species that homeowners generally have to worry about are subterranean and drywood termites.  Subterranean termites inhabit every U.S. state except Alaska but are most common in the southern two-thirds of the country.  Drywood termites are mainly a problem in the southern states.

5 – Prevent Termites Frisco TX:  What Treatment Methods Do Professionals Use For Termites?

For subterranean termites, professionals will normally inject chemicals into the ground under a house or around the foundation and often inside the home through the foundation.  These chemicals create a barrier that will keep termites out.  For drywood termites, treatment includes tenting and fumigating the home with chemicals that will kill termites already inside the home.

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