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Blogs from October, 2016

Termite Treatment

You most likely maintain your home through the warmer seasons to prevent pests, but the proper precaution to prevent infestations and termite treatments are also necessary for the winter season. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not place emphasis on home maintenance in the cooler season, which can become costly. Here are a few tips to prevent termites and other pests from entering your home in the winter season.

Remove Wood Piles

Many people heat their home with real wood through a wood-burning furnace or a fireplace. During the winter, you may have piles of firewood around your home for easy access. While convenient, this firewood will be an appealing space for termites to call home.

Not only will the termites live in and feed off your firewood, but they will also eventually move in and damage your home. If you have stacks of wood for heat or other reasons around your home, make sure to move it out away from your home’s exterior siding and foundation.

Maintain your Landscaping

If shrubs, trees, greenery, and flowers are planted close to your home, make sure to keep them trim even in the winter season. Moisture will build upon these plants, increasing the risk of termites infesting your landscape and home.

In addition, you should also avoid placing mulch and pine straw near your home’s foundation. While this landscaping filler helps trap in moisture for your plants, termites are also drawn to it.

Removing the sources of moisture will reduce your risk of an infestation that requires involved termite treatments.

Clean your Gutters

During the fall season, leaves, pine straw, and other debris will most likely fall onto your roof, clogging up your gutters. Over time, this debris will accumulate moisture that will attract termites and other pests. Although your gutters are located around your roofline, termites can still infest your home through the roof and siding.

For the best protection against an infestation, you should clean out your gutters every few months. However, make sure your gutters are clean at the end of the fall season or beginning of winter since they will be clogged up with excessive leaves and debris.

Check your Foundation

Termites do not need a large opening to enter your home, so you should repair any holes or cracks in your foundation before the winter season. Use caulk or concrete/masonry filler to block small cracks and crevices that can become passageways for pests into your home.

Caulking the imperfections in your foundation will also reduce moisture content under your home, which is beneficial for preventing pests.

To learn more about maintaining your home to prevent pests and termite treatments, contact Bug Commander in Frisco, TX at (214) 307-1933.