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Blogs from August, 2017


You probably already understand the importance of maintenance if you are a homeowner, but you may not realize that a pest control service is a key part of upholding your home’s appeal, function, and value. Cockroaches, ants, beetles, spiders, and rodents are not only unappealing houseguests, but they can also wreak havoc on your home’s structure and family’s health. Mosquitoes are also pests that need to be controlled and not only because they are annoying. Here are a few key facts you need to know regarding mosquitoes and controlling these pesky pests.

They Affect Your Health

Mosquitoes are not just annoying flying insects that cause itchy bites. While the bites alone are just a nuisance, these small pests can affect your health in greater ways, as well.

Mosquito bites can irritate your skin, causing swelling and inflammation whether you have an allergy or not. Most people will begin scratching at the bite on the skin, spreading inflammation and bacteria, which will result in further irritation, discomfort, and even a possible infection.

Mosquitoes also carry dangerous diseases. From malaria to the deadly ZIKA virus, mosquitoes carry and can transmit a variety of illnesses and diseases. Due to these health risks, it is essential to prevent them from getting in and around your home and family’s lives.

Prevention Is Your Best Weapon

Prevention is your best weapon against these annoying and dangerous insects. Thankfully, a few simple steps can reduce your risk of a mosquito problem.

Mosquitoes and other pests are attracted to moisture, so reducing the moisture in and around your home is a great starting point for prevention.

Remove any pots and planters that are not being used from around your home. Dump any standing water that may be sitting stagnant, wash the interior with a solution containing warm water and dish soap, and then dry the containers with a clean cloth before storing away.

Focus on your landscaping, as well. Mow the grass regularly and trim overgrowth from shrubs and trees to reduce the buildup of unnecessary moisture. Consider planting plants that repel mosquitoes and other pests around outdoor living areas. Citronella plants and marigold flowers are excellent options.

Check any crawl spaces for signs of moisture, as well. If a high level of moisture is found in a crawl space, your home will be at risk of mosquitoes and other pests. Install a vapor barrier or have your crawl space professionally sealed to reduce moisture.

Treatment Is Possible

If you have eradicated any issues that are attracting mosquitoes, consult a professional pest control service team to have your home and yard treated for these insects.

The professionals will be able to offer solutions to areas of your home that are attracting mosquitoes. Spraying your yard to kill and repel mosquitoes using a pesticide may be recommended. Conducted periodically throughout the year, these treatments can reduce the risk of annoying, irritating, and dangerous mosquito bites.

Understanding mosquitoes is helpful for keeping your home and yard safe. To learn more, contact Bug Commander at  (214) 307-1933 to learn how a pest control service in the Frisco, TX area can help.