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Blogs from August, 2017

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From basic management to ensuring profit and success, managing a business can be overwhelming, but protecting your office and employees with proper pest control is also important. Unfortunately, most people completely forego simple steps that can reduce the risk of unappealing and unhealthy insects and pests in the workspace. With these simple tips, you can prevent pests in the office.

Regular Cleaning

Although obvious to some, cleaning the office is essential to preventing pests. Of course, cleaning does not only mean wiping down desks and vacuuming. Here are a few steps to ensure your office stays clean and pest free:

  • Hire – Consider investing in a weekly cleaning service to handle all of your cleaning needs. From emptying the trash and wiping down the refrigerator in the break room, professionals can take the stress of cleaning away from you and your staff.
  • Trash Disposal – Even if you are using a weekly cleaning service, you should dispose of waste each day before you leave the office. Removing food and waste from trash cans will prevent pests from scrounging around in your office space at night.
  • Seal – Make sure to seal up bags, boxes, jars, and containers of food and beverages each day. Even candy dishes should be covered to reduce the risk of pests.

Exterior Maintenance

You may not place much emphasis on the exterior of your office building, but issues in the foundation, roof, basement, and landscaping could make your building more attractive to pests.

Make sure there are no holes or cracks in the foundation. Seal any holes with caulk or silicone sealant.

Reducing the moisture content around the office building is also important since most pests find water appealing. Ensure gutters are clean and free of debris to reduce water leaks in the roof. Also, remove any unused planters and bins from around the office. These containers could hold stagnant water, making them an appealing breeding ground for gnats, mosquitoes, and other insects.

Landscaping should also be mowed and trimmed regularly. High grass blades and overgrown shrubs are hot spots for insects and rodents to hide and breed.

Professional Pest Control

Lastly, consider hiring a professional to perform regular inspections and treatments to your office space. These professionals will notify you of any issues that may be attracting pests while designing a plan to solve any problems.

Applying a pesticide to the exterior of your office on a routine schedule will also ensure your office space is free of pests throughout the year. While this service will cause your business, preventative treatments are a truly worthwhile investment.

For more tips on pest control for your office, contact Bug Commander today at  (214) 307-1933.