The Best Organic Ways to Remove Termites from Your Furniture


Is your plan to remove termites from your furniture? Are you tired of those beastly little termites that are damaging many precious belongings in your home? Not sure how to go about getting rid of them? Well here are some tips for annihilating them on your own.

Cardboard Trap Treatment

You can build a cardboard bait trap to attract the termites in the furniture. Get three or four pieces of cardboard and spray them with water. Pile the cardboard pieces together and place it near the furniture. The termites will be attracted to the damp cellulose in the cardboard. For best results, leave the trap for a couple of days. Remove the cardboard trap and burn it outside to destroy the termites trapped inside.

Sunlight Treatment

Termites like dark spaces, so one organic method involves placing the furniture outside in direct sunlight on a sunny, hot day. Turn the furniture during the day to make sure that the sunlight and warmth reach all of the hiding places that the termites might be trying to reach. If possible, keep an eye on the weather forecast and choose a time when you’ll have a few days of dry, hot weather. That way, you’ll be able to leave your furniture out longer if necessary. You may want to combine this method with the cardboard trap approach for best results.

Freezer Treatment

If your furniture is rather small, you might consider using a freezer chest to destroy the termites. You’ll need a plastic bag large enough to fit the piece. Place the furniture into the bag, and then into the freezer. Leave your furniture in the freezer for about fourteen days. Remove the piece from the freezer but leave it in the bag for about forty-eight hours. This will prevent moisture from developing as the temperature rises. If your furniture is too large to place whole inside the chest, consider taking it apart first and treating the individual parts separately.

Moisture Elimination Treatment

Termites flourish in dark, moist areas. Remove your furniture from any area that has lingering moisture issues and place it in a dry spot that gets lots of sunlight. Take care of the moisture issue and wait until it is completely dry before placing your furniture back into its original location. You may need to use another method to completely remove the termite problem.

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