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Blogs from July, 2017

Family Laying on Lawn

As we crank up the hot weather in Texas this summer, seasonal pests wiggle their ways into our lawns and gardens. Dealing with a bug infestation can be frustrating, time-consuming and jeopardize the health of your once-immaculate yard. The home pest control experts at Bug Commander in Frisco, TX are here to help. Here are the most common summer lawn pests in the area, as well as DIY treatment tips to protect your property from these unwanted visitors.

Common Lawn Pests and How to Deter Them

  •  Termites. These critters will often migrate to your home after destroying any wood in your yard. Prevent termites by removing and disposing of any tree stumps or dead trees on your property. Additionally, control the water content in your grass, as termites are attracted to excess moisture.
  • Grasshoppers. These long-legged critters can be annoying to deal with, as they can eat and destroy the fruits and vegetables in your garden. Keep grass short to prevent a grasshopper infestation. If you have a garden, try planting strong-smelling herbs like cilantro around your other vegetables. Grasshoppers hate these plants, and the scent alone will most likely be enough to deter them from stopping for a snack.
  • Ants. Ants are notorious for their speedily-built anthills that seem to take over your yard overnight. Prevent the formation of anthills by removing any excess dirt in the yard. Cover it with greenery, plant something in it or simply transport it off of your property. Lack of excess soil will discourage ants from building their homes right next to yours.
  • Mosquitos. These are perhaps the most annoying and most common summer pest in Texas. These blood-sucking pests seem to swarm and take over most outdoor areas in periods of high heat and high humidity. Protect your lawn from this fate with natural repellents like citronella and remove any pools of stagnant water in or around the yard, as these provide mosquitos with an ideal breeding ground.
  • Fleas. Fleas are another pesky intruder that seeks out tall grass or a hiding place under debris in your yard. If you have pets, your chances of flea infestation are even higher. Keep pets on flea prevention, maintain short grass throughout the warm summer months and clear debris from your yard to discourage fleas from settling there. If you still see or suspect fleas, try placing cedar chips throughout your yard, as fleas have a strong aversion to the scent of cedar.
  • Ticks. Just like fleas, ticks love to hide in tall grass or other concealing greenery. In addition to keeping the grass short, reduce tick habitation by trimming any trees or shrubbery to allow more light to fall on the lawn. Fleas and ticks alike prefer shade, so minimize all of those dark spots to discourage them from settling in your yard.

Even with all of these prevention tactics, there are still times when bugs will find their way into your yard and decide to set up shop. Bug Commander home pest control in Frisco, TX understands how challenging a bug infestation can be. We offer a range of extermination and prevention services to keep your home pest-free. For more information about our services or to set up a home inspection, give us a call at (214) 307-1933.