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Blogs from March, 2017

Bee Hive

The recent glut of home improvement shows on television has given homeowners the idea that just about any job around the home can be handled without professional help.  The reality of these reality shows is that DIYing any and every job can have serious consequences, especially if your DIY efforts include pest control.  Sure, stomping the occasional roach or swatting a mosquito or two may not require an emergency phone call to a professional pest control service, but anything bigger than that probably does.  Here’s why:

Pest Control Products Aren’t Always Effective

Chemicals that you find at your local hardware store are effective for eradicating bugs that you can see and spray; unfortunately, there are a number of pests that hide their numbers underground, behind walls or in the seams of your mattress.  Pests like termites, bed bugs, fire ants and cockroaches simply can’t be eliminated one-by-one because there are generally too many of them.  A professional pest control service not only has the right chemicals to treat your pest problem effectively, but they also have the tools, experience, and know-how to find the hidden colony that you can’t.

Pest Control Products Are Easy To Over- or Misuse

While you’re destroying the bugs in your home by saturating floorboards, carpeting and more with noxious chemicals, you could be risking health problems for yourself, your family and your pets.  Pest control chemicals are serious business; they contain chemicals that are designed to kill so overusing or misusing them can end up being very bad news for the two- or four-legged creatures in your home who may experience breathing problems or have severe allergic reactions to them.

Some Pests Can Be Life-Threatening

There are a few pests you may encounter around your home that can either kill you or cause serious allergic or other reactions that can be life-threatening.  Two examples of these kinds of pests are spiders and bees.  Brown recluse spider bites can result in necrosis, or tissue death, or in systemic illnesses with symptoms that include vomiting, fever, and joint pain.  Black widow spider bites aren’t usually life-threatening but their venom can produce symptoms that may persist for many months, including severe muscle pain and spasms and tachycardia.  Bees in hives can become extremely aggressive if they feel their lives are threatened.  Any attempt to remove a beehive or to kill the bees in it can result in multiple stings that can be life-threatening, especially if the person who is stung is allergic to bee venom.

Don’t take chances with your comfort, safety or home by trying to handle your pest problems yourself.  Call the best professional pest control service in Frisco, TX, Bug Commander Pest Control, at (214) 307-1933.  Visit us online to learn more about the range of pest control services we provide.