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Blogs from March, 2017


Preventative pest control isn’t optional in Frisco, TX, especially now that warm weather–and moist spring air–is on the way. Many small business owners react to pests after they come around, but you can set yourself apart from other establishments by deterring pests before they even set foot on your showroom or restaurant floor.

If you operate a store or office building, your customers and staff will appreciate your efforts; if you own a restaurant, failing to implement proper preventative pest control in Frisco can get your restaurant shut down.

Here are some rodent and insect prevention tips that are easy to implement – better get started!

Seal Any Openings

When you peek beneath the sink in the break room, do you see any pipes? Rodents and pests love to use openings around pipes and utilities to scurry into your small business. This is an easy fix. Start by locating all cracks, crevices, and gaps, and then either stuff steel wool in the openings or spray them shut with silicone caulk.

It’s easy to do, and you don’t even have to call an exterminator!

Control Your Humidity

Everyone knows that hot, humid weather breeds the largest bugs, and you don’t want them in your place of business. But what should you do when you can’t control the weather?

If you don’t control humidity with a dehumidifier, you’re already one step behind. A dehumidifier is one of those preventative pest control steps that is cheap and especially effective in Frisco! You can also run your air conditioner to cut the humidity in your place of business.

You should also double down on your gutters and drainage. Make sure they carry water away from your building so that puddles don’t form alongside.

Speaking of gutters . . .

Clean Your Gutters

This preventative pest control tip is simple, but you may want to hire someone else for it. Mosquitoes love to breed in neglected gutters, and once mosquitoes have settled in, it can be difficult to get rid of them.

Seal Your Trash Cans

Another quick and simple tip is to only put food in trash cans that have lids (tight ones). Even if you have your office cleaned every night, open food in an empty office is an invitation for unwanted guests.

Along those lines, you should keep the company dumpster away from the building if possible, and make sure it’s emptied regularly. Finally, clean the break room every day.

What if I Need Help?

Have pests taken up residence at your small business in Frisco? We have experts standing by that would love to make your establishment safe, clean, and legal. Give us a call at (214) 307-1933 to learn about our expert pest control service.