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Blogs from May, 2017

House Fly

The summer months are fun, but they also bring pests to the yard. Below are 6 tips that can help keep your home pest free this summer.

  1. Maintain your yard. Get rid of standing water, and keep your yard well maintained and trimmed.

  2. Don’t bring the outside in. From tools to toys, anything that belongs outside should stay outside.

  3. Have a clean kitchen. Keep any counters clear of clutter and dirty dishes, and don’t leave out overripe fruit.

  4. Patch up holes outside the house. Bugs can sneak in from all sorts of cracks, and they can cause damage to your house.

  5. Remove hiding spots for bugs. Clean floors and rooms will attract fewer bugs, and make it easy to find any that sneak in.

  6. Use a pest control company! Pest Control companies add extra protection that keeps bugs out from the start.

Call Bug Commander today for more help keeping the pests out.