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Blogs from November, 2017

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Maintaining a healthy, clean, and safe home is possible with the help of professional pest control. Searching online and asking neighbors for recommendations is possible, but learning the signs that the company is effective, efficient, affordable, and reliable will also be necessary. Here are a few tips to help you find an excellent pest control team for your home and family’s needs.


First and foremost, the technicians should be licensed and qualified.

While they do not have to be actual scientists, the technicians should have knowledge and skills to diagnose, prevent, and treat issues involving local pests.

Make sure to ask the company for proof and details on licensing to ensure you are receiving the most qualified care.


You should also hire a professional pest control company that is licensed AND experienced. They should have completed many years of service and have proof of effectively treating the same issues you are having.


Never rely on a company’s advertising alone. Ask the company to provide you with references from past customers who have used their services. This will show proof that they are a reputable company.

You can also research the company online. Read reviews from sites and community groups to learn if others have had a positive experience working with the company.


Hiring professionals to prevent and treat pest problems can be an expense, so you must choose a company that will offer the best investment for your home and family’s needs.

Free estimates on treatments and preventative plans are important. Proposals should be written up in a detailed manner that you can understand. There should never be any questions regarding pricing, and you should not be charged a surprise fee at the end of your service.

Also, a truly valuable company will offer you a guarantee of their work. Before signing on for services, be sure to ask what type of guarantee the pest technicians offer their customers. This guarantee will also show they have their customer’s best interest in mind.


If you have children and pets in the home, safe pest control and treatment is even more important. Make sure low or no toxicity treatments are available. These treatments reduce harmful toxins that may affect air quality and the health of you, your family, and your pets.

Pest control technicians should also explain to you the chemicals used to repel pests from your home and the products used to eradicate infestations. Full enclosure from the pest control team is imperative when it comes to the safety of your home and family.

For professional pest control in the Frisco, TX area that offers qualified experience, great customer service, effective solutions, and safety, contact Bug Commander at (214) 307-1933.