Three Things Not to Do with Wasp Removal Home Pest Control

Bee Hive

When the presence of wasps in and around your home becomes too much to handle, some are tempted to take their home pest control in Frisco, TX into their own hands. When it comes to wasps, it is probably best to leave the removal to the professionals. Here are three mistakes people make when trying to remove wasp nests:

  • Burning a nest (can lead to your property catching on fire)
  • Flooding a wasp nest (doesn’t eliminate all of them and makes them angry)
  • Using a bat to crush the nest (will trigger the wasps to attack you)

Don’t take the risk and contact a pest control technician at Bug Commander. We are professionally trained to handle and remove wasp nests safely and efficiently. Call today to schedule an appointment (214) 307-1933.

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