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Blogs from August, 2018

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Lawn pest control makes up a significant portion of lawn and garden supply purchases. Many homeowners try to keep their lawns as green and lush as possible, and they use a wide range of chemicals to get the job done. Unfortunately, these chemicals can cause health problems for any animals that spend time on those lawns.

Toxins and chemicals used to keep lawns beautiful can also harm pets. People and pets exposed to these chemicals can become very ill. Exposure can happen through direct contact with the grass on the lawn or by the chemicals getting tracked into the house from the outside. Accidentally harming a loved one, whether it be human or animal, would be a tragic experience. It is essential to understand the potential dangers of using chemicals to take care of your yard before applying any of these products to your lawns.

Most lawn chemicals are safe for people and pets. However, there are some products like fertilizers that can cause stomach issues and others like pesticides that can be fatal. Fortunately, many less toxic alternatives are available on the market today.

The key to ensuring that people and pets are safe is to use alternative fertilizers and pesticides that are proven to be safe for pets. Lawns typically do not require extra nutrients or chemicals to maintain their good health. If you choose to use a lawn chemical product, make sure to wash it off any plant leaves where pets may play. Insecticides that are required to dry on foliage can be problematic. If you are applying such a product, be sure to keep your pets out of the area until the product has dried properly to protect your furry friend from any potential health issues.

Insecticide, pesticide, and fertilizer manufacturers are working toward creating products that contain chemicals that are safer for both people and pets alike. If you are looking for a product to keep your lawn in top health, or you need a pesticide product to take care of a potential insect infestation problem, be sure to read the labels of the products you are considering. Labels will provide a list of the chemicals contained in the product as well as a warning as any potential harmful effects to people and pets.

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