Three Guaranteed Ways to Prevent Termites in Frisco, Texas

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Termites can sometimes seem like a life sentence. There are ways, though, to keep them out for good. Professionals know three ways to prevent termites in Frisco, Texas:

  1. Wood treatments. Spraying the surface, injecting, foaming, and treating wood can keep pests away. Wood treatments are effective for new and used homes.
  2. Soil treatments. A trench and a termiticide around your house is another option. This treatment is especially helpful for future infestations.
  3. Bait treatments. A professional bait system will trap current termites and therefore future invasions. With the right placement, this process will eliminate all problems.

If you have been trying to prevent termitesĀ in Frisco, Texas, call Bug Commander! Learn more by calling (214) 307-1933.

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