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Blogs from February, 2018

Ants Building a House

Termites, cockroaches, and even mice are all guests you do not want in your home, but a pest exterminator can also rid your home of insects you do not even realize are a problem. Sugar ants are problematic pests that can wreak havoc on your home. And, they are more common than most people think. Here is a bit of information regarding these pesky insects and how an exterminator can help.

Facts on Sugar Ants

Sugar ants are relatives of traditional black ants, but they are a bit different. Also known as banded sugar ants, these insects have bodies that are orange-brown in color and black heads.

As their name suggests, sugar ants love sugar, so you may first notice them in your kitchen cabinets and pantry in the early part of the spring season. Of course, sugar is not the only element they find appetizing.

Sugar ants will feed on any food, plant, and even dead animals.

Another interesting fact about these insects is that they will bite you if they feel threatened. Thankfully, a sugar ant bite is not nearly as painful as a bite from a fire ant. However, if you are allergic to any insects or notice severe swelling, rapid heart rate, or breathing difficulties after a bite, seek out immediate medical care since you may have an allergy.

Pest Exterminator Treatments

If you believe you have an infestation of sugar ants, consult an exterminator about inspecting your home for these insects and other pests.

An exterminator will check all entry points for signs of ants while discussing what elements in and around your home are attracting these pests.

These pest professionals may suggest enclosing food products in storage containers, which will make your home and kitchen less appealing to these ants and other pests. Also, they may recommend removing clutter, such as old newspapers, piles of clothing, and project lumbar or firewood from in and around your home.

Most pest professionals will further recommend sealing cracks in the foundation, crawlspace, roof, attic, and siding. Sealing potential entry points will reduce the risk of sugar ants entering the home. Lastly, managing moisture is also essential, since pests are attracted to moisture and humidity. Installing a vapor barrier or sealing the crawlspace will reduce moisture content in and around your home.

Preventing sugar ants is also possible by spraying a pesticide to the perimeter and infected areas of your home every few weeks. This pesticide will kill any insects that are currently infesting your home while preventing them from entering in the future.

For more information on sugar ants and other pests, contact a pest exterminator from Bug Commander in Frisco, TX today at (214) 307-1933.