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Blogs from July, 2018

Person Spraying Flowers

When insects begin to invade your home, the first inclination is to use a store bought insecticide to get rid of the pests. However, many of these products can be harmful to your family and pets. You can create your own DIY pesticides that are both safe and effective. The following natural products are relatively simple to make and use.

Garlic Spray

To make this insecticide, you will need two whole garlic bulbs. Place them into a food processor along with two or three tablespoons of water. Blend the garlic until it becomes a puree. Allow the garlic and water mixture to sit overnight. Strain the mixture into a large container. Add one-half cup of vegetable oil and one teaspoon of liquid detergent and one quart of lukewarm water to the paste. Stir until all of the ingredients are thoroughly combined. Pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Apply the spray any infested plants you may have.

Soap Spray

This DIY pesticide will help in getting rid of tiny insects like mites and aphids. In a spray bottle combine one and a half teaspoons of liquid detergent with one quart of water. Shake the bottle until the liquid is thoroughly mixed. Apply the spray to any plants that have become snacks to pesky insects. This spray is most effective when used in the early morning and evenings.

Vegetable Oil Spray

This spray is useful for destroying insects that may be eating your plants. In a small container, combine one cup of vegetable oil with one tablespoon of liquid soap. Stir until the liquids are thoroughly blended. Put two teaspoons of the oil mixture into a spray bottle. Add one quart of lukewarm water to the mixture. Shake the bottle to mix the oil and water. Spray your vegetable oil insecticide on plants that have evidence of insects.

Combination Spray

This DIY pesticide is simple to make and combines several natural ingredients to create an effective natural pesticide spray. Place one garlic bulb into a food processor and puree it. Place the garlic into a small pot on the stove. Add one small diced onion and one teaspoon of cayenne pepper to the garlic. Turn the heat to medium and allow the mixture to steep for about an hour. Strain the mixture into a container and let it cool. Add a tablespoon of liquid detergent then pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Apply the spray all of over any infected plants. Store the spray in your refrigerator. It should last for about a week.

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