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Blogs from June, 2018

Bed Bug

Imagine this: you return home from a relaxing vacation and a few days after you unpack, you have the feeling you brought something other than souvenirs back. You notice small, itchy bite marks that are in a straight line on your legs when you wake up, and you discover dark-colored spots on your bedding. Unfortunately, you probably had a travel companion you weren’t aware of: bed bugs.

Hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, cottages and even high-end vacation resorts are all at risk for bed bug infestation. What’s worse, the blood-sucking pests can travel in your belongings and come home with you. Within a short amount of time, a few bed bugs can multiply into hundreds. Fortunately, you may be able to keep your home critter-free with a little bed bug prevention.

Inspect Where You’re Staying

Take a good look at where you’re staying, and you may be able to stop an infestation before it starts. Pull back the sheets of the bed and search for dark spots, which are signs of bed bug fecal matter. Look around the corners and edges of the mattress for spots, shells or actual bugs, taking time around the piping. If possible, take a peek behind the headboard to look for evidence of an infestation. Additionally, inspect any furniture in the room, as well as the floor, for spots, shells or bugs.

Place any shells or bugs you find in a plastic bag or trap them under a cup. Show an attendant and request to stay in another room that is not adjacent to or above or below the infested room, if you decide to stay in that establishment. Again, inspect the room before unpacking.

Protect Your Belongings

Bed bugs aren’t too particular about their travel accommodations. They will crawl into and latch on anywhere they see fit, including suitcases, bags and even clothing. Protect your suitcase by storing it off of the floor and wrapping it in a protective cover. Additionally, inspect your suitcase and belongings before packing and heading home, as well.

After You Come Home

Inspect the outside of your suitcases before you bring them into your home for any hitchhiking bugs looking for a free ride. Once inside, unpack your suitcase immediately. Wash all of your clothing, even those you didn’t wear, to eliminate any bugs or eggs that are hiding. Also, vacuum—or even hand-steam—the inside of your suitcase before storing it away. The hot water vapor will kill any eggs or bugs that are inside the suitcase.

Although bed bug prevention is always ideal, it isn’t always possible. Call Bug Commander in Frisco, TX, at (214) 307-1933 to learn more about how we can eliminate the infestation and help you feel comfortable in your home again.