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Blogs from March, 2018

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Bugs: you can’t live with them; you can’t live without them. And although pests have their place in the balance of the insect world, many homeowners agree it shouldn’t be at their places of residence.

Whether it’s ants, spiders, fleas, roaches or bedbugs, the time to eliminate them is now. The longer you wait, the larger the infestation—and the issue—can become. The problem is, you’ll need time to find a reputable pest exterminator who can get the job done in a professional, and timely, manner.

Don’t let just anyone into your home. Having high expectations and a discriminating eye can help you find the right exterminator to suit your needs.

Courtesy and Professionalism 
A professional exterminator wears a clean uniform that clearly states the company for whom they work. They are polite, friendly and willing to answer your questions. Because you even had to hire a pest control company, there’s a good chance you’re already stressed and overwhelmed. Your potential exterminator shouldn’t add to your problems; they should only provide relief.

A Thorough Inspection
A pest control professional isn’t able to develop an effective plan unless they conduct a thorough inspection. The inspection should include taking a look at both the inside and outside of your home, inspecting the areas you’ve seen the pests and other places they could be hiding. You should feel like the exterminator got an excellent idea of what’s going on before they leave.

A Clear Plan
Once the inspection is completed, the exterminator should leave you with a clear plan in place. You should be told exactly what kind of treatment your home should receive, the number of times the exterminator will need to visit your home and the cost. The exterminator should also give you this information on paper so that you can compare it to any other quotes you receive.

Quality Work
A professional exterminator should treat your home and belongings with care. They should work cleanly and concisely, and respect your living space. The pest control professional must also provide the work they promise, with the results they guarantee. If you receive anything less than what you are guaranteed, you’ll need to enlist the help of a different professional.

When you’re looking for a pest exterminator in Frisco, TX, Bug Commander can provide you with the expertise and reassurance you need. Give us a call today at (214) 307-1933 to find out how you can make your home pest-free.