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Blogs from November, 2018

Dirty room

Unfortunately, it’s fairly typical to have all sorts of pests try to make your dorm room their home. From flies to ants to mice, there’s a wide range of pests that can find their way into your space. You can reduce the chances of pests making themselves at home in your room by following several simple steps.

Put Food Away
Pests are attracted to food. Keep them from getting into your space by putting your leftovers into the fridge, cupboards or the garbage. Be sure the items are adequately sealed when putting them into your fridge or storage space. If you are putting them into the trash, make sure you have a waste can with a secured lid.

Wash and Dry the Dishes
Dirty dishes have food residue on them. Pests like ants, mice, and cockroaches will quickly find those small pieces of food. Make sure to wash your dishes as soon as you have finished your meals. Use clean dish towels to dry them and then put them away.

Clean Regularly
Dust and vacuum your space on a regular basis. A regular cleaning routine will reduce the potential of annoying pests getting into your room. Vacuuming will eliminate crumbs that can lure mice and other rodents. It will also get rid of webs and insect eggs that make it possible for pests to reproduce. Dusting will help to get rid of dust, dirt, and debris that attract insects.

Put Out the Trash
A trash can full of garbage is generally smelly and unsightly. It can also attract all sorts of pests. Rotting items make perfect spots for pests to call home. Put your trash out as soon as the container is full. It’s best to have a can with a lid that can be secured to keep everything in the container from spilling out. Be sure to wash the container regularly too.

Pick Up Your Belongings
Pests tend to like piles of fabric and paper where they can sneak in and get comfortable. If you tend to leave your clothes, towels and other belongings all over the floor, bed, and counters, you are making it easier for pests to call your room their home. Put your belongings where they belong as soon as you have finished using them. Put your wet towels, washcloths and dirty clothes into a hamper. Do your laundry on a regular basis.