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Blogs from October, 2018


Are you experiencing a problem with home pest control? Have cockroaches infiltrated your home? Cockroaches are one of the most common pest infestation problems that homeowners encounter. The best way to deal with these pests is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. Make sure to store your food and clean your kitchen daily correctly. However, if you already have an infestation problem, there are several solutions to help you get rid of these awful bugs.

Determine the Problem Areas
To get rid of your cockroach problem, you’ll have to find out where these pests are living in your home. Use a flashlight to search hidden areas behind your fridge, under your sinks, in cupboard crevices, and any other areas that may be good hiding places. Once you finish inspecting your home with your flashlight, determine the best place to lay roach glue strips. Check on these areas for several days to see how many cockroaches the strips catch.

Fill Openings
To keep more roaches from getting into your home, you’ll need to ensure there are no openings through which they can enter. Use a caulking product to fill all holes, big or small. Consider adding weather stripping around your windows and doors to seal off these entry points as well.

Set Gel Bait Effectively
Gel bait is an effective means of getting rid of cockroaches. Available in a tube format, you can apply it in any crevices and cracks or other areas that might attract these pests. Be sure to check back regularly after using the bait as you will be sure to find lots of dead cockroaches in these areas

Boric Acid Powder
Boric acid is in many household products including toothpaste and detergent. It is also an exceptionally effective roach killer. While the toxicity to family members and pets is low, it is critical to ensure that people and animals stay away from the boric acid. For best results, use this method in combination with one of the other solutions.

Home Pest Control Specialist
A home pest control specialist will provide the expertise needed to investigate and eradicate a cockroach infestation in your home. Your pest control specialist will be able to offer you a variety of solutions and provide you with continuous service until they permanently eliminate the roaches.