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Blogs from January, 2019


No one wants pests in their home and definitely not in their kitchen. These tips will help rid you of the five most annoying pests that show up in your kitchen.

1. Ants – Find the colony source and entrance way. Seal building access immediately. Insecticide spray at colony source and entrance path is the best way to be rid of the pest.

2. Flies – Reduce the attraction by keeping surface areas clean of spills and food. Electric fly killers and a fly box can eliminate flies that gain access to the kitchen.

3. Rats – Find their entrance access and seal path. Cleanliness is the best deterrent. If they have found a way in, the best way to remove them is through traps & bait.

4. Cockroaches – Various entrance ways. Avoid overflow of trash and must keep areas clean. Infestations are hard to remove, act immediately using insecticide to reduce the threat.

5. Stored Product Insects – Infestation comes from prolonged storage in homes or stores. To avoid issues, Inspect food upon purchase and consume before the expiration date.

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