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Blogs from January, 2019


Winter is upon us. The frigid temperatures and dreadful conditions are forcing a variety of pests to seek refuge from the winter weather. You can prevent these creatures from becoming mouseguests in your home by following a few helpful hints from the National Pest Management Association.

Screen Vents and Openings
Install screens over your attic vents and chimney openings to prevent pests from gaining free access into your home. The screens will reduce the potential of these critters getting into your house. Be sure to check the screens to ensure that no pests have scratched holes through them.

Eliminate Sources of Moisture
Check your home for areas of excess moisture. Clogged drains and leaking pipes can become homes for a variety of pests. If necessary have a reputable plumbing professional inspect your home.

Seal Crevices and Cracks
Use caulking and steel wool to fill any crevices or cracks on the exterior of your home to keep pests from getting inside. Be sure carefully check around the points of entry of all wiring and pipes. Speak with a representative at your local hardware store for advice on the best caulking product for your situation.

Use Airtight Storage Containers
Make sure to use airtight containers to store all of your food items. This will reduce the potential of pests making their way into your kitchen cupboards. Ensure that your garbage is placed in secure containers and dispose of the waste on a regular basis.

Keep Wood Away From Your Home
If you use firewood in your home, be sure to store it a minimum of twenty feet away. Many critters like to call wood piles their home. By storing near your house, you’ll be making it easier for them to eventually make it inside. Trim your shrubs so that the branches are also away from the exterior of your house.

Take Extra Care of Decorations
Inspect all of your decorations before and after you set them up to make sure no pests have made nests in them. Store them in airtight containers to keep pests away while they are being stored. There are a variety of decoration storage options available.

Get Professional Help 
If you find a pest infestation in or around your home, enlist the help of a reliable service professional from one of your local pest control services.

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