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Blogs from April, 2023

Pest in Kitchen

Spring is the perfect time for homeowners to give their homes a thorough cleaning and address any pest issues that may have arisen during the colder months. By following these top five spring cleaning tips for effective pest prevention, you can keep your home free of unwanted critters and ensure a healthy living environment for you and your family.

1. Inspect Your Home's Exterior for Entry Points

One of the best ways to prevent pests from entering your home is to eliminate their entry points. Walk around your home's exterior and look for any cracks, gaps, or holes that could serve as entry points for pests. Pay special attention to areas where pipes and wires enter your home, as well as around windows and doors. Seal any openings you find with caulk or other appropriate materials.

2. Clear Clutter & Eliminate Hiding Spots

Pests love hiding in clutter, so it's important to clear out any unnecessary items from your home. This includes organizing closets, cabinets, and storage areas. Be sure to also remove any piles of newspapers, magazines, or cardboard, as these can attract pests like cockroaches and rodents. In general, keep storage areas clean and well-organized to deter pests.

3. Clean Your Kitchen Thoroughly

The kitchen is a hotspot for pest activity, so it's crucial to give it a deep clean during your spring cleaning efforts. This includes wiping down countertops, cleaning out cabinets, and scrubbing appliances. Be sure to clean up any food debris, as this can attract pests like ants and rodents. Regularly clean your refrigerator to prevent the growth of bacteria and attracting pests.

Here are some ideas of how to implement this:

  • Remove all items from your refrigerator and wipe down the shelves, drawers, and interior surfaces with a solution of warm water and mild dish soap.
  • Scrub your stovetop, oven, and microwave to remove grease and food debris.
  • Empty your pantry and wipe down the shelves, checking for signs of pests like moths or rodents.

4. Check for Moisture Issues and Leaks

Many pests, such as cockroaches and termites, are attracted to moisture. Inspect your home for any leaks or moisture issues that could be attracting pests. This includes checking your roof, gutters, and plumbing for any signs of leaks. If you find any issues, address them promptly to prevent further damage and pest infestations.

5. Schedule a Professional Pest Inspection

Even if you don't currently have a pest problem, it's a good idea to schedule a professional pest inspection as part of your spring cleaning routine. A professional can identify any potential issues and recommend a customized pest prevention plan for your home. At Bug Commander Pest Control, we offer the comprehensive inspection service you need.

By following these spring cleaning tips for effective pest prevention, you can protect your home from unwanted pests and enjoy a cleaner, healthier living environment. If you need help with your spring cleaning efforts or have concerns about pests in your home, contact Bug Commander Pest Control today at (214) 307-1933 to schedule an appointment.