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Termites and other wood-destroying insects are the last thing anyone wants on their property. From local homeowners to large management companies, any structure with a significant amount of wood can be greatly affected by termites. Left unchecked, these nasty critters will eat away at your structure until you literally don’t have a roof over your head. Fortunately, Bug Commander Pest Control is here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

From active infestations to preliminary inspections, Bug Commander has what it takes to protect your property from termites. Our Celina termite control services are designed to handle wood-destroying insects without breaking your budget. Our highly-trained and state-licensed team is fully equipped to locate termites in a range of structures, and offers multiple types of treatment options, backed up by independent testing.

We proudly provide the following termite treatment programs:

  • Option 1: Using Termidor HE, a state-of-the-art, non-repellent termiticide, we are able to completely eliminate termite colonies in a safe, non-toxic way.
  • Option 2: Using the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, we can thoroughly get rid of termite colonies without drilling or liquid termicides. This revolutionary program is not only safe, but is extremely efficient, and causes minimal disruption to your property.

Comprehensive Termite Inspection

Bug Commander Pest Control is proud to offer thorough Celina termite inspections, designed to be the first line of defense against wood-eating insects. Our inspection process can locate where termites are getting in based on food and moisture patterns. While termites can enter your property in spaces as thin as a sheet of paper, our team is trained to scope out expansion joints, foundation cracks, gaps around plumbing and electrical appliances, and all other potential entry points.

If we find termites on your property following the consultation and inspection process, we promise to present the perfect solution for your needs. Our goal is to help find the method that’s going to be as quick and comprehensive as possible for you, so you never have to worry about termites ever again.

For more information on our Celina termite extermination options, call (214) 307-1933 now.

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What About Pre-Construction Termite Treatment?

At Bug Commander Pest Control, we understand the unique needs of the building industry. That’s why we offer convenient termite treatment to fit around contractor schedules, so you can get termite control when it’s most convenient for construction projects. There are many termite protection services available to new home buyers, and we are proud to help property owners take advantage of these. Call today for a Celia termite exterminator that can provide pre-construction treatment, and eliminate the possibility of termites on your property.

For more information about termite control in Celina, just call (214) 307-1933, or contact us online.

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