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  • Very Professional & Highly Recommended
    Jordan did an excellent job and answered all my questions. Very professional and highly recommended!

    - Mark C.

    I will never use another pest company ever again, these guys are the most professional, responsive, caring and informative company I have ever dealt with. If you have children or pets and want peace of mind that they are safe with still removing pests, if you want a company you can call at 7pm and send a picture of a dead bug you just found and have them identify it and reassure you that dead bugs are a good sign and the treatment is correct, if you want a company to actually use quality products that work and not cheap stuff that will wear off in a month, if you want a company that will not just try to take your money but really truly cares about the safety of your family... then look no further!”

    - Anna P.

  • Excellent company!

    Excellent company! Treatments are effective and the staff is super reliable and easy to work with. Highly recommend!

    - Jessica E.

  • Customer service is always super easy and you can send over a quick email to get assistance.

    We have been using these guys since we moved into a new build in Prosper. When we first moved in I was having to call them out like every two weeks due to the amount of bugs that were happening. Jordan was super helpful and actually walked the house with us and showed us things to seal and fix to avoid the nooks and crannies that the nasty guys use to get in the house. Customer service is always super easy and you can send over a quick email to get assistance. I also love that they will do later evening appointments! Top notch - and I love supporting a hard-working small business!

    - Kassie E.

  • Very responsive and timely

    I requested a quote and Jennifer got back with me right away.  She was very responsive and timely.  Once scheduled, Jordan showed up within the time window and called before he arrived.  He was very approachable and friendly and took care of business.  A+ in my book and would use them again in a heartbeat.

    - Tyler B.

  • Very punctual, professional and educational

    Big Commander to the rescue!!! A huge thanks to Jordan and the Bug Commander family for fixing our pest problem! Very punctual, professional and educational ; ) We were able to relax on our patio finally this weekend. Great job guys!!! Thank you. 

    - Jenna L.

  • Excellent service!

    Excellent service! And they swept all the webs away from the entire house! No company has done that before. Pricing more than reasonable and in my opinion too low based on the service we received! Highly recommended!

    - Stephen N.