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Just because you may be an animal lover does not mean that wildlife can’t at times be a nuisance. The unique climate of Texas presents an opportunity for a variety of creatures to invade the privacy of our homes. Often, these close encounters can pose a danger to homeowners and their families. Don't hesitate to contact our Frisco rodent control team and get the help you need.

If you have uninvited guests on your property, call the Frisco rodent control specialists at Bug Commander Pest Control. Our Frisco rodent control technicians are fully certified and licensed to handle almost any type of rodent problem. And don’t worry—we are not in the wildlife killing business! We are committed to safely transporting these animals and ensuring that they have a suitable home.

Whatever your rodent control need is, get the help you require by calling (214) 972-2988 or use our online form.

Wildlife Removal & Relocation Experts

If you are hoping that the city or the county will take care of your wildlife problem for free, we’re sorry to tell you that they won’t. Humane wildlife removal requires specialized equipment and techniques from a professional animal control company. There are many rules and regulations about animal & rodent removal in Frisco, TX. Those who practice this area of animal control are required to have special licenses and permits.

Our qualified rodent removal in Frisco TX can handle a wide range of wildlife issues, including

Whether your nuisance wildlife is hiding in your backyard, under your deck, or in your home, garage, or attic, we have the tools and skills to quickly and effectively eradicate your problem.

Professional Rodent Control & Removal

Bug Commander Pest Control also provides expert rodent removal in Frisco TX as well as removal services for mice, rat, snake, squirrel, and gopher problems. Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your property, locate entry points, and determine the best solution for the issue.

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