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Blogs from May, 2016


Pests can wreak havoc on your home and health, but rodent removal service Frisco TX can prevent mice, rats, and other pests from entering your home. Although you may feel your home is clean and tidy, mice will find ways to enter your appealing home. Using these tips and the help of professional pest control, you can prevent mice from entering your home and affecting your family.

Rodent Removal Services Frisco TX: Tip #1–Storage and Cleaning

Your home will most likely contain large amounts of food for your family. This food is incredibly attractive to mice and other pests, so it is important to keep it stored in a clean and secure manner. Here are a few simple tips to ensure your home is sanitized and your food is secure:

  • Pantry and Cabinets – Be sure all bags, boxes, and packages of food are sealed properly. For bags and boxes that will not close securely, pour the contents in a storage container with a lid.
  • Clean Shelves and Drawers – Wipe down the shelves in your pantry and cabinets periodically using antibacterial wipes. Wipe down the inside of drawers, as well.
  • Clean Floors – Sweep, vacuum, and mop your floors weekly. This will remove food, dust, and sticky residue, which may attract mice and other pests.
  • Dispose of Clutter – Remove all clutter from your home. Large piles of newspapers and magazines are appealing areas for mice to live. Remove piles of clothes from the home, as well. Throw away cardboard boxes, since mice can eat through this material quickly.

Professional Pest Control Frisco TX: Tip #2–Seal All Areas in Home

Making sure your home is properly sealed up is also smart for preventing mice. Inspect the walls, crawlspace, door and window frames, and your attic space for openings. Use insulation or caulk to seal up spaces that are ¼-inch or larger. A combination of steel wool and caulk is an effective option for sealing holes around your home. Do not use plastic, screen, wood, or rubber to seal these open areas, since mice will eat through these materials.

Animal Control Frisco TX: Tip #3–Hire the Professionals

Consider hiring professionals to use baits and traps for rodent removal service Frisco TX. Traps will allow you to trap and kill mice quickly, allowing you to dispose of the rodent carcasses without the worry of foul odors around or under your home. Poisonous baits are also an option for preventing mice from entering your home. These baits are effective for preventing mice from entering your home since they will kill multiple rodents at a time.

Bug Commander Can Help

Preventing mice from entering your home is smart, but it can be an overwhelming process. Contact Bug Commander at (214) 307-1933 for professional tips and rodent removal service Frisco TX.