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Blogs from February, 2019

Rodent Proofing

Unwelcomed rodents in your home are a great cause for concern. These pests can contaminate your food, damage your wiring, chew through important documents, and spread illnesses like hantavirus to you and your loved ones.

Getting rid of all rodents can be an overwhelming task, particularly if they have already made your home, theirs. The best way to deal with rodents is to keep them from getting inside in the first place.

Signs of a Rodent Problem: Many times rodents will get in and create a nest before you even know they have gained access to your home. Signs of rodent problems include small droppings and chewed items. A close examination of your baseboards and areas around pipes may show rubbing marks or chewed areas where the pests have made a path to their nests.

Preventing a Rodent Problem: The best way to manage a rodent problem is through prevention. By keeping your home and yard clean and tidy, and by filling any unnecessary holes or gaps in your house, you can make it much more difficult for a rodent to get inside.

Block All Access: Inspect the foundation of your home and ensure there are no holes or gaps where rodents can gain access. During the autumn many rodents will seek refuge from colder temperatures. The early fall is the perfect time to inspect for entry points. Rodents can make their way through even the tiniest spots and cracks. Ensure that all of your windows and door are also sealed.

Keep Food and Garbage Containers Sealed: Whether its food for people or pets, ensure that you store all of it in airtight containers. Garbage containers should be properly sealed and kept as far away from your home as possible. If possible, store them in the garage.

Keep Counters and Floor Clean: Leaving crumbs and food scraps on your counters or floors is an invitation for rodents to take over. Regularly sweep your floors and wash your countertops. Put food scraps into sealed garbage containers leftovers into your refrigerator. Dirty dishes should go directly into the dishwasher or be washed and dried by hand and put away into the cupboards.

Close All Doors: While most people keep the doors to their homes closed, that isn’t the case with garages. Open garage doors provide easy access for all types of rodents to make themselves at home. Be sure to close your garage door as soon as you leave.

Set a Rodent Trap: You can quickly find out if you do have a rodent problem, by setting a few traps around your home. There are several trap options available. If you are unsure about which is best for your situation, visit your local hardware store and speak with a representative.