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Bee Hive

Bee Pest Control in Frisco TX: Get Professional Help for Your Bee Problem

No insect has gotten more bad press in the last few of decades than bees. Why?  Because of one kind of bee – the Africanized honey bee or ‘killer bee’ as it’s been referred to in the press. These killer bees have prompted a flood of calls for bee pest control in Frisco TXand across the lower half of the United States. For the most part, killer bee sightings and swarms are rarer than those of other kinds of less aggressive bees. But in the state of Texas, we’ve been getting more than our fair share of them and since there’s no way to know what kind of bees you’re dealing with when you find a hive, get professional help as fast as possible.

When should you call for bee pest control in Frisco TX?  Remember that, with luck, you’ll have bees in your yard in the spring and summer doing what they’re supposed to be doing – collecting nectar and pollen from flowers. So, don’t panic just because you see bees. But when you see them in your yard or on your property and they seem to be streaming in and out of small openings in trees, circuit breaker boxes, sheds or anyplace else that seems like a cozy, undisturbed spot, you may have a hive that requires attention. Whatever you do, don’t disturb a beehive even for a little peek.  And don’t let children play near them until you get bee pest control in Frisco TX to evaluate the situation.

There is no way to tell the difference between an Africanized honey bee and a gentle honey bee with the naked eye.  That’s why it’s important to get the help of an expert in bee pest control in Frisco TX, someone who has experience in neutralizing or removing bees. Don’t ever attempt to handle the problem yourself. Don’t hit the hive with a stick or spray it with a hose and don’t attempt to set the hive on fire.  Not only do you risk an even bigger problem, like a house fire, but you are also setting yourself up for an attack.  Even non-Africanized bees will attack when threatened.

For the best pest control for bees and any other bugs you’re having a problem with, call Bug Commander Pest Control at (214) 972-2988. At Bug Commander, we’ve seen every kind of pest you’re dealing with so we’ll have a safe and effective treatment for them.