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Blogs from April, 2018


As the temperature rises, the presence of summer bugs becomes more prevalent. Many species of insects hibernate, so when the weather warms up, they come out, ready to work. Both outside and inside you’re likely to see ants, spiders, and other pests foraging for food and building their homes.

Bugs and other critters are experts at entering homes. They can sneak through even the smallest of gaps or cracks and eventually make their way into your kitchen, bathroom and other ideal places for them to find resources. Unless you have prepared for the imminent insect influx by working with a pest control company, here are the critters you’re most likely to find on your counters, shelves, and floors during the summer months.

Odorous House Ants

If you’ve never experienced the wrath of an odorous house ant infestation in the summer, consider yourself lucky. These small invaders release an odor when crushed, which means prevention is even more critical regarding keeping these pests away.

This species of ant is also resistant to pesticides, making the use of baits and repellants advantageous. Keeping your kitchen clean and daily vacuuming can also prevent an infestation.


It isn’t summer in Texas unless swarms of mosquitoes visit you. Mosquitoes can spread pathogens that can cause disease in addition to their uncomfortable bites.

Keeping them away from your outdoor living space is tricky, but it’s possible with the combination of an exterminator and eliminating water sources from around your home. Mosquitoes require water to breed and aren’t picky when it comes to choosing a spot. Remove any pools of standing water from your home like birdbaths and fountains. Also, repair leaky plumbing to stop them from breeding near your home, and replace torn window screens to prevent them from coming inside.


About 900 species of spiders call the Lone Star state their home, so there’s a good chance you’ve seen a few in yours. Fortunately, only about two of the species are extremely dangerous to humans: the black widow and brown recluse spiders.

Keep them away by examining the outside of your home, then fill or repair any cracks, holes or other potential entrances to the inside.

We Can Help

Although you can’t stop bugs from coming out to play in the summer, you can drastically reduce their presence both in and around your home. How? With a combination of professional help and home repair.

Pest control company Bug Commander has helped homeowners in the Frisco, TX, area beat the battle of the bug and can do the same for you, too. Call us today at (214) 307-1933 to learn more.